TradesTalking - episode 11

TradesTalking - episode 11

March 23, 2020

The 11th edition of the TradesTalking podcast features:

It also includes a chat about the coronavirus outbreak, which has led to stress and anxiety regarding jobs and finances as well as health.

We'll no doubt be recording more episodes on this topic as the situation to develops, so do send us your messages and questions and we'll do our best to get answers.

There is a rolling coronavirus post on the TradesTalk website that we are updating every day, with the highs and lows from social media. Do take a look and let us know of anything we should include.

TradesTalking is sponsored by Norbord and hosted by Lucy and Stu.

TradesTalking - bonus episode featuring Glow-worm

TradesTalking - bonus episode featuring Glow-worm

March 10, 2020

In this special episode of the TradesTalking podcast, Stu talks to Spencer Clark, Glow-worm’s Commercial Director, to find out more about the thinking behind the recent Mystery Trip to Vietnam. 

To read more about the trip, and watch PHPI's video highlights:

TradesTalking - episode 10

TradesTalking - episode 10

February 28, 2020

Episode 10 of TradesTalking is here! This episode includes:

* Photographer Sarah Toon shares her top tips on how you can take better pictures of your work, for social media or your website, using just your smartphone. Sarah gave a presentation on this subject at Toolfair in January and you can watch the video here:

* Norbord's David Connacher talks about the products that can keep builders building even when it is pouring with rain! These include CaberShieldPlus and CaberDek. Check out Norbord's blog on this very topic here:

TradesTalking is hosted by Lucy and Stu, and sponsored by Norbord. Follow @TradesTalk on Twitter, Insta and Facebook.

TradesTalking - episode 9

TradesTalking - episode 9

January 22, 2020

Episode 9 of TradesTalking is hosted by Lucy and Stu, and is once again sponsored by the lovely folks at Norbord.

This episode includes:

  • Grant Robertson from Shake and Speare, giving his top tips on websites for the trades (ahead of a workshop on this very topic at next week's Toolfair event in London). As promised in the chat, here are three websites that Grant says are good examples that fellow tradespeople could follow: - this page is an excellent example of how the face of your company is key to building customer trust. Great series of photos of the tradesperson in action. Plus prices on the site let customers know that they can afford the service they require. 
 - The opportunities to get in touch easily with the company makes it simple for the customer. You can request surveys and quotes with a short, simple process. Very mobile-friendly, too. 
 - This is a great example of a simple structure with clearly defined pages for each service that they offer, tagged up for their core location which is great for local SEO (search engine optimisation / making your site attractive to Google). 

  • We also chat to James from Depher about his charity work providing free plumbing and heating services to the elderly and others in need. Do get in touch with James if you can donate (money, time or materials) to his extremely worthy cause.
  • We also talk a little bit about the Williams & Co Tool Angel initiative – do check out this story for more info.
TradesTalking - episode 8

TradesTalking - episode 8

December 16, 2019

Here is our final #TradesTalking podcast for 2019 – and as it is December it comes with Christmas sound effects AND a giveaway!

The episode features:

  • A chat with David Connacher, Marketing Manager at Norbord Europe Ltd, about CaberShieldPlus.
  • An interview with plumber-turned-chef Debbie Thorpe about her recent appearance on MasterChef: The Professionals.
  • A mystery guest tells us the 3 things he can't live without - and if you think you know who he is, tweet us @TradesTalk and he has a Titan grinder to give away to one lucky listener! (CLUE: YOU'LL PROBABLY ONLY GUESS THIS IF YOU REGULARLY TAKE PART IN THE TWITTER CHAT!)

TradesTalking is sponsored by Norbord and hosted by Lucy and Stu.



TradesTalking - bonus episode featuring Resideo

TradesTalking - bonus episode featuring Resideo

December 9, 2019

Here is our TradesTalking bonus episode, featuring Vaughn Wiles and Scott Young from Resideo.

Lucy was joined by Vaughn and Scott to talk all things training, including onsite training, YouLearn online training and what Resideo can offer in terms of business development for installers.

Find all the #TradesTalking episodes on Podbean, iTunes, Spotify and the TradesTalk website



TradesTalking - episode 7

TradesTalking - episode 7

November 18, 2019

Our hotly anticipated 7th episode is here! The show is hosted by Lucy and Stu and more info can be found on the TradesTalk website or on Twitter @TradesTalk.

TradesTalking is sponsored by Norbord so we spoke to David Connacher, its Marketing Manager, for this episode, to find out some of the key benefits of CaberDek. Have a look at for lots more info.

Also on this episode, we chatted to the fantastic Alfie Johnson from Diode Electrical, to find about how the technology will connect electricians with wholesalers. It's due to launch in January 2020, so do take a look now and sign up for updates.

Finally, we have another mystery Lyrical Gangster – the trades reading song lyrics in the style of poetry. Who is it this month? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Insta and you could win a TradesTalk sticker.

TradesTalking - episode 6

TradesTalking - episode 6

October 9, 2019

It's finally here!

Episode 6 of the TradesTalking podcast was delayed slightly due to an extraordinary number of technical issues (which I think we mention 50 times on the episode, sorry about that!).

This episode features:

TradesTalking is sponsored by Norbord and hosted by Lucy and Stu.

TradesTalking - episode 5

TradesTalking - episode 5

August 27, 2019

The August episode of #TradesTalking is here!

It is hosted by Lucy and Stu, sponsored by Norbord and includes:

  • AMAZING TRADESPEOPLE! This episode we speak to the hosts of the EGTE podcast.
  • TRADE SECRETS Nicole spills the beans about Stanley
  • LYRICAL GANGSTER Who is it? Guess correctly and you could win a sticker!

If you'd like to send us something for the podcast – whether it is a question you'd like other trades to answer or you simply need to have a rant, we have a new #TradesTalk burner phone – 07468 910641.

TradesTalking - episode 4

TradesTalking - episode 4

July 29, 2019

Please have a listen to the 4th episode of TradesTalking, sponsored by Norbord

It features some incredibly bad acting from Stu and Lucy as they look at the hot topics on social media this month, including the fundraiser for Simon Antonelli. If you haven't already, please give generously here:

The episode also features:

  • AMAZING TRADESPERSON Electrician Dan Jackson talks about his year of travelling and his plans now he's back in the UK. Check out his video of electrics in India.
  • THREE THINGS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT – featuring Matt Dripfix
  • One mystery guest reveals a TRADES SECRET about a member of the #TradesTalk community
  • LYRICAL GANGSTER – the trades reading poetry. If you can correctly identify the tradesperson and the song/artist, simply tag us in on Twitter, Insta or Facebook and win yourself a shiny TradesTalk sticker.

TradesTalking is hosted by Lucy and Stu. Get in touch via @TradesTalk.